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Curative effects

The composition of the water was already analysed at the end of the 18th century, yet exact analysis was only carried out in the second half of the 20th century. According to this analysis the amount of solute constituent parts in 1 litre of water given in mgs is the following:

 cations mg/liter   anions mg/liter 
 K+ 7,40   F- 1,30 
 Na+ 24,00   Cl- 27,00 
 NH2+ 0,10   Br- 0,12 
 Ca2+ 86,00   I- 0,02 
 Mg2+ 35,00   S2- 2,50 
 Fe2+ 21,30   SO42- 51,00 
      HCO32- 427,00 
 Összesen: 173,80   Összesen: 509,14 

Radium emanation: 0,22-0,28 millimicrocuire/liter

Composition of the thermal water, suggestions for and against:

The medicinal suggestions
of the therapy covers a wide range of locomotor diseases: it has beneficial effects on rheumatic locomotor diseases, osteoporosis, degenerative spinal/joint diseases, Bechterew syndrome, inflammation diseases of the joint in their chronic phases, post treatment of injuries and locomotor operations as well as tender tissue rheumatism, secondary diseases of the joints, chronic, peripheral, nervous, mechanical-related complaints, pre- and post treatment of operations on the joints and discs as well as chronic and gynaecological conditions. Treatment does just have a momentary effect but prevents the pains from recurring for months. This is means that therapy received in the spring will bring a pain-free Christmas for those suffering from rheumatism.

Suggestions against the therapy include infectious diseases, tumours, heart failure, circulatory disorder, thrombosis and other blood production-related diseases, asthma, high blood pressure and pregnancy.

Without the advice of a doctor 30 minutes of bathing is suggested. In cases of chronic stomach and intestinal catarrh, the water may also be drunk for medicinal effects.