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The thermal lake

The warm water of medicinal springs is the most ancient medicine of mankind. Therapies offered by nature have been known and used by people for centuries. In Hungary the water of medicinal springs was consciously used as early as the Middle Ages, which is attested by a witty hygienic regulation from the Middle Ages saying:

„Bathing and wine are harmful to the body but bathing and wine restore health to the body.”

The words of one of the most significant hydrological and balneological studies of the 18th century are also worth following:

„It is good for those who get tired at work because it freshens them up, on the other hand, it is also good for the idler since it urges them to work...”

Medical waters are good for those who are sick or suffer, however they can be dangerous as well if they are not used as instructed. These days it is a worldwide phenomenon that doctors and patients turn to natural ways of treatments again.

It is important to know about the Hévíz therapy that patients are 'dosed' with medicinal bathing according to scientific studies and the medical experience of several centuries. The effect of the Hévíz therapy is complex and the temperature of the water, its chemical composition, the mud, the air, the radioactive radiation and the climate all have their exactly specified roles.
The Hévíz therapy lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

The Lake of Hévíz as a natural healing factor is to be considered as an ecological whole the most important parts of which are the water's hydrophysical, hydrochemical and hydrobiological attributes and the interaction between the water, the microclimate and the mud the basin of the lake is composed of. A special part of the Hévíz therapy is the open-air bathing in the lukewarm-warm water of this natural lake spreading on an extensive area.

The effectiveness of the spa is ensured by the tranquillizing environment just as well the conjoint effect of all the healing factors.